Welcome to FrozenRC, Home of the custom HobbyWing Quicrun 150a, Castle MM2, and Universal ESC Retainers offered to the CEN Colossus RC Facebook Group

*Please note the following products are produced on demand and require lead time.  We print the retainers at a 0.3mm Layer height and 100% solid.  As with any 3D Printed product some imperfections will occur but please rest assured that we will always ship the highest quality item that we can.

 Our shopping cart is in USD, All Canadian based orders will receive a 20% refund on all purchase to reflect the exchange rate and reduced shipping costs.  If you are ordering outside of North America please contact us first via the CEN Colossus RC Facebook Group.

3D Printed Retainer - Exact Fit for HobbyWing QuicRun 150A and includes a compression retainer for the ESC Switch.

3D Printed Retainer - Universal fit with Switch Mount plate. (You will be required to drill and trim to fit your ESC Switch)  The outline for a typical HobbyWing WP switch is visible on the finished print.  
3D Printed Retainer - Exact Fit for Castle Mamba Monster 2  includes mount for ESC Switch.  
3D Printed Retainer - Universal fit, this may or may not fit many other 1/8th ESCs, no returns or refunds.